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Our Story

Optimizing your technology investments

Right from the beginning, we knew immersiveI was not an apex predator but would be dedicated to enhancing the apex predator companies.  immersiveI was built to focus on the business optimization of software usage for the companies we work with. In the ocean, pilot fish enter into a relationship with apex predators such as Great White Sharks. The shark provides a level of protection from other predators, and in return, pilot fish provide the shark with health optimization by cleaning the shark’s teeth, gills and such on long ocean journeys.  In fact, the relationship is so strong, that pilot fish have been observed following boats for weeks after a disruption in the relationship. Like pilot fish, we are loyal, and we partner with companies for business optimization of their systems and software. It takes a high level of confidence to align with an apex predator as well as an incredible amount of courage to swim alongside and in the jaws of an apex predator. At immersiveI, we strategically partner with the apex predator companies, and like pilot fish, we are not afraid to challenge conventional norms for our customers to create avenues for rapid and effective realization of their return on their systems and software investment.

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